La Jolla – Community Info

La Jolla (pronounced “luh-HOY-uh”) is a community within the city of San Diego, California. It is a wealthy seaside resort community & world-famous vacation destination. This beach resort community boasts some of the most beautiful beach coastline in the US. La Jolla residents and business owners commonly refer to La Jolla as the “city”, “village,” or “town” even though it is technically part of the city of San Diego. But because “La Jolla” was a community well before the city of San Diego was incorporated the U.S. Postal Service has designated “La Jolla” as the only acceptable place name for use in mailing addresses for the ZIP Codes covering the area. This along with the fact that La Jolla has had its own unique local phone book since 1937 (the La Jolla Blue Book) can give the impression that La Jolla is a separate incorporated city, even though it is part of the City of San Diego.

The name is sometimes said to mean “the jewel” (from it’s Spanish translation “la joya”), though it is also believed to be derived from a Native American language, that of the La Jolla band of Luiseno Indians, who inhabited the area for centuries before the arrival of the Spanish. La Jolla is bordered by Pacific Beach to the south and the Torrey Pines State Reserve in Del Mar to it’s north.Interstate 5 forms La Jolla’s man-made border to the east, with the exception of some of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and some commercial property east of I-5 and north of La Jolla Village Drive, which are also considered (in the wider definition) to be part of La Jolla. (More specifically, the City of San Diego defines La Jolla’s eastern boundary as former Hwy 101, which is now Gilman Dr., excluding UCSD, and the northern boundary as the southern end of Torrey Pines municipal golf course; others define La Jolla as simply all of ZIP code 92037.)

La Jolla neighborhoods include Windansea, Bird Rock, the original or “old” village of La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Torrey Pines, Mount Soledad and La Jolla Village (including La Jolla Village Square). It should also be noted that The Village (of La Jolla) and La Jolla Village are not at all the same; they are distinct neighborhoods within La Jolla.